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Mark K.

i admire you for your bravery - and maturity in realizing the gravity of service. i pray for the peace of israel.


As one of the citizens you are protecting, I am grateful for the work you are doing. Even if you had a sex change operation and became a male, I would still be grateful! (And I suspect your job is done more effectively without smiling.)

Yehoshua Friedman

The reason that the army is taking women into combat or near-combat positions is not because of a lack of men to do the job. It is because of a politically correct social agenda. The fact is that when half of the soldiers in the army are religious, having women up front makes it more difficult for the principles of men who, at least before disengagement, were highly motivated soldiers. The powers that be in Israel have taken something that worked very well and proceeded to fix it. Now it doesn't work nearly as well, and we are all going to pay. The separation fence is a similar case, but that's as far as I go today.


I have two reasons to thank you.

(1) Thank you for making the mature and unique decision to go and serve the State of Israel. It's more than many others would do.

and (2) Thank you for running this blog. I have been considering volunteering for the IDF through Mahal after college (sure, that will make me old, but a little maturity can't hurt a person :) ). Your posts give me more of a feel of what I would be putting myself up to.

So anyway, keep up the good work on both counts!


Jameel @ The Muqata

Killing 83 birds with one stone?

Sorry, but by te IDF forcing the issue of female combat soldiers, there are now many religious soldiers (or potential soldiers) who are having second thoughts about joining the IDF.

At the end of the day, if the IDF continues forcing the issue, there will be even less combat soldiers.

Instead of the IDF thinking with its head, it's reacting to a feminist socio-political agenda. You want to volunteer for a comabt unit? Fantastic. But there's no reason to force integration at the expense of the religious sensibilities of many soldiers.

Wes from MN

You're very thoughtful and can be proud of doing your part. Blessings on you.

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