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I hope he gave you a gold star and an ice cream cone!


Hey, I just stumbled across your blog online and it's a truly interesting story. I just turned 18 and am considering joining the IDF after a quick jaunt around Europe. If you have time, I'd love it if you could drop me an email. Take care, Micah

Steg (dos iz nit der šteg)

If you're in the army now, i hope you're okay.


Hey Yael,

Just read some of your blog, hope you are still doing great :) (I noticed it's been two months since your last entry)
My story is very similar to yours, since I also left college to fulfill the dream of joining the army, wanted to be in a combat unit, and even was hanicha miztaenet in Gadna :)). But the fact that I'm an only child and needed my parents agreement for serving in a combat unit prevented me from getting the miunim I wanted, so I eventually opted out and wasn't drafted. So I continued my studies in an Israeli university instead. Actually now I'm happy it turned out this way, since living in this country and making friends with Israelis really changed my outlook...Generally people from combat units in reserve service aren't treated with consideration by the army (especially students), and to say the truth nobody cares if you were in the army at just get called to do reseve duty once a year, and sometimes it messes up your exams and\or life...And also I hate the chauvinistic attitude that many people here have towards girls in the army, even in combat units - like they aren't as serious as boys, or have some "special" girl attitude, or stuff...
Anyway I hope you are going to have a nice time in the sadir :) What you are doing now is what I dreamed to do a few years ago, so I hope it's actually that good.
Have fun and good luck :)

moa, Norway

Hi Yael, relieved to see your sisters message. I've been looking on your blog every now and then to see how you are doing. It's been way too long since you wrote the last time :) Hope you are doing good. Thinking about you and the rest of the region in these troubbeled times.. take care!

Alan Levitt

Dear Yael,
I also hope you are OK.
Alan Levitt


Your blog is refreshingly honest--Keep on writing!


Hey, I was wondering if you could write me an email. I'm joining Karakal in December and I'd like to talk to someone who has been in it and can help me out. I have so many questions. Thanks so much. Katie

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